Google Analytics Certification Course

Whether you are new to web analytics in general, new to using Google Analytics, or need a refresher on the basic Google Analytics reports and tools, Google Analytics 101 is for you. At Digital Crest We’ll start with learning basic metrics, and then build an understanding of how we can report on site performance by looking at our website traffic, content, users, and conversions. Throughout the day, we’ll also show you how to use different reporting tools in the interface.

In this Google Analytics Certification course, Digital Crest Certified experts will explain how to get set up in Google Analytics and intake insights from each of the reports. We will cover the out-of-the-box functionality—from account creation to reporting fundamentals—and explains how to interpret your results, create and track goals, and use options like dimensions and segments for deeper insights. Each tutorial is practical and live; touching on the features you'll use most in your day-to-day analytics workflow.

Learn how to measure Digital Marketing Advertising ROI. Earn a Google Analytics Certification at the end of the course.

The Advanced Google Analytics Course will help you to develop these skills:

Learn the core principles of digital analytics, including how to build a useful measurement plan for your business and how to get started with Google Analytics.

Discover useful reporting and analysis techniques to benefit your Ecommerce business.

Make informed decisions using Google Analytics data.

Learn how using Google Analytics data can enable your app to be more discoverable and profitable.

Digital Marketing Positions

Google Analytics Excecutive

Google Analytics Excecutive is responsible for managing Google Analytics Accounts & Monitoring daily/weekly Google analytics performance

Suraj Kumar Solanki

Lead Trainer

Suraj Kumar Solanki

(Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant)

Key strategist, Learnt Digital Marketing from experience and mentors 40 small businesses.

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